My Fair Lady Gets A Remake

Mimi ON Oct 13, 2011 AT 10:32 am

Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle and Carey Mulligan

Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle and Carey Mulligan

My Fair Lady, the 1964 film directed by George Cukor that’s based on George Bernard Shaw’s 1912 play, ‘Pygmalion,’ is being remade into a new film set to start shooting next year. About an arrogant and misogynistic phonetics professor who makes a bet that he can transform a poor and ill-mannered flower girl into a woman of high society, My Fair Lady originally starred the great Rex Harrison as Professor Henry Higgins and the lovely Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle.

Rumours began circulating that Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) was going to direct Keira Knightley in the remake, but then both signed off after they couldn’t get Daniel Day-Lewis to play Higgins. The role of Eliza Doolittle was then passed to Knightley’s friend and fellow actress, Carey Mulligan (An Education), who we think is perfect for the role. John Madden (Shakespeare in Love) has now taken over as director, and has been given a script written by the brilliant Emma Thompson. Reportedly Thompson is dying for Hugh Grant to take on the role of the professor, but we’re so excited about the new rumour that Colin Firth may play the male lead. Apparently there’s a whole mess about which company owns the rights to the film, so negotiations are still going on, but we can’t wait for this film to happen.

Watch this space.

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