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Mimi ON Dec 02, 2011 AT 12:25 pm

Our #FF

Our #FF

As recommendations go, we give a lot out here at BATD HQ. However we reserve the best tips and tricks for our weekly column, My #FF, where we jot down the team’s favourite things that we’ve encountered this week.

So to see what we’re loving, read on and take note…

#FF: This Decleor set is the perfect gift for anyone who is seriously into skincare and wants a solution to their dry winter skin. Great value, gorgeous products and it comes in festive box, perfect!

Currently £41.40 from

Krista, Editor
#FF: Romantina by Juliette Has a Gun > I fell in love with this perfume on Wednesday after meeting its creator Romano Ricci. It’s his first floral fragrance, a mix of white flowers, rose, with a subtle infusion of patchouli and vanilla, so pretty, I love it. You might want to Google Romano, he’s quite pretty too!

It’s out in March 2012 so keep your nose twitching to smell this next year..

Find out more in our Keeping Up With BATD video this week HERE…

Emma, Deputy Editor
#FF: Any chocolate lover will appreciate my #FF…. the Toblerone Snow Cap. It’s a twist on the original with each triangle coming with a cap of white chocolate. Seriously yummy.

£1.22 each exclusively at ASDA.

Dil, Men’s Contributor
#FF: REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (£30) – I bought this a while ago and only just got round to using it last night. It’s a creamy mask that tingles on application (thanks to the AHA/BHA mix) – once you’ve wiped it off, your skin is incredibly bright, smooth, calm and clear. It’s honestly one of the best face masks I’ve ever used and I’m planning to stock up!

Debbie, Contributor

#FF: If you think that wearing full-on metallics for the Christmas party will make you feel more like a Quality Street choc than the main event on the Christmas tree, then opt for either accessories or an element of glam and glitter. I love this gold tweed A-line skirt from Oasis which adds just the right amount of shimmer for £50.

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