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Mimi ON Jul 01, 2011 AT 4:23 pm

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Our #FFs this week...

Want to know what Mimi’s favourite thing is this week, there’s tough competition? How about the rest of the team here at BATD HQ? Well, now every week we are each giving you an insight into our favourite things of the week in our brand new column ‘My #FF

As an homage to #followfriday hashtag on Twitter, see our team’s top recommendations of the week in My Friday favourite, let us know what you think and tell us yours.

Name: Mimi
#FF: This week I have been on a Radiance Cleanse to get my body back to its lithe cartoon shape, so it’s all about Squeaky Green Plus & Lean & Green for me. 3 days of 5 juices a day and 20 supplements is making me feel lighter, my eyes look whiter and has stopped my sugar cravings. This, with a freezer full of Haagen Dazs in the office too!

Name: Krista
Role: Editor
#FF: I painted my nails in such a gloriously summery colour which I’ve loved seeing on my hands. It’s an Essie shade I picked up at J.Crew in LA for a ltd edition collection this spring called Peep Show. The perfect pinky coral and it has stayed on all week, no chips. Oh, and glad that Dexter is back on FX, a firm fave!

Emma (left) and Krista (right) #FF nails

Emma (left) and Krista (right) #FF nails

Name: Emma
Role: Deputy Editor
#FF: It’s all been about Nail Couture LA Designer Nail Foils for me this week. They’re the best showstopper on a night out and come in some crazy designs. Anything that’s that easy to apply and looks this good is fine by me! Watch out for them in Harvey Nichols this month.

Price TBC,

Name: Jane
Role: Beauty Contributor
#FF: I’ve been topping up my tan with Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate Self Tan that never fails to give a realistic tan – so realistic that everyone assumes I’ve spent the week lounging about in a deck chair in the garden… as if! I’m also loving Essie Braziliant nail polish that’s a bright orange with just a wash of pink iridescence over the top. Nice.


Name: Dil
Role: Men’s contributing editor
#FF: This week I’ve been all about ‘Shiseido Zen – White Heat Edition for Men’. It’s a clever combo of fresh citrus fruits and hint of sandalwood – perfect for cutting through the muggy weather.


Name: Debbie
Role: Contributor
#FF: It’s been a good week so I couldn’t choose just one! If you want to see all the things I love check out my personal #FF on my very own blog… there are cupcakes involved.

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