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Mimi ON Jan 21, 2011 AT 12:18 pm

Jessie J

Jessie J

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Jessie J is a YouTube hit sensation! However she’s managed to do this without ever having her songs hit the radio airwaves as her adoring fans of the song, “Big White Room” (which basically launched her) produce covers after covers of the song.

Jessica Ellen Cornish was born in Redbridge, England on March 22, 1988 and began her singing career in a school girl band that she joined at at just 17.

Many famous recording artists already knew her as a fantastic songwriter before now. Remember that song Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA”? Well, Jessie J wrote it alongside producer Dr. Luke, and Claude Kelly!

Jessie J

Jessie J

She has also written songs for Justin Timberlake who has said she is, “The best singer in the world,” as well as Chris Brown, (who she went on tour with) Christina Aguilera, and Alicia Keys. Jessie’s also been on tour with names like Taio Cruz, and British favourite Girls Aloud, to name a few.

Jessie’s road to success was not a smooth ride. Luckily when her first label shut doors she was still signed to SONY ATV publishing. This luck helped her land gigs with the NIVEA campaign using her song “Sexy Silk,” which was shown worldwide.  After this it was used in the film “Easy A,” starring BATD favourite Emma Stone.

Jessie’s song, “Do it Like a Dude”, released in the UK in late November 2010, was originally written for singer Rihanna, but she decided to release it herself after realising what potential it had. It debuted at number 25 on the UK’s single chart. Soon after this she debuted another song on Later Live with Jools Holland called, “Price-Tag,” featuring American rapper and airplanes singer, B.O.B., which will be released in March of this year.

Although there have clearly been bumps along the way, they got her to where she is now, which is promoting her upcoming new album titled, “Who You Are”. Being known for her melodies and heartfelt songs, Jessie has taken real life events and put them on paper to sing for everyone to hear thanks to her new label, Lava/ Universal Republic. The title track, “Who You Are,” is about Jess’s career expectations and aspirations on being happy with her life and who she is.

Her list of achievements have gone from being nominated for the BBC’s Sound of 2011 list, and winning the Critic’s Choice award at the BRIT awards 2011! Her goal in her upcoming album is to make sure people know who they are and to be happy about it. We’re sure Jessie J and her voice will be heard all over the world very soon, so keep an eye out for this rising star!

Watch her video for ‘Do It Like A Dude‘ below:

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