The Mile-High Mad Men

Mimi ON Sep 28, 2011 AT 2:34 pm

Pam Am starring Christina Ricci

Pam Am starring Christina Ricci

A new American show coming to BBC2 next month, heralded as ‘The Mile-High Mad Men’, is generating some serious buzz.

Pan Am is set in a time when air hostesses had to have weigh-ins and were forced to wear girdles, this 1960s-drama called “Pan Am” chronicles the lives of a transatlantic airline crew. Christina Ricci is the most recognisable star of the show, playing a feisty air hostess named Maggie Ryan, but we’re excited to see another one of the stars who looks pretty fit in his pilot suit. Mike Vogel (Blue Valentine) plays Captain Dean Lowrey and his character is described as being quite the ladies man. Could he possibly be a young Don Draper?

The show’s plot lines are said to rival those of Mad Men and with “Pan Am” being set in the age of the American sexual revolution, we can guess that the show will be doing its best to accurately portray the times. We’re predicting lots of juicy drama, and can’t wait to catch it when it hits screens next month (October).

Watch the fabulous trailer below and if you have ever watched Ausie show Neighbours, look out for Margot Robbie (who played Donna Freedman):

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