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The first time John Favreau really came to our attention was in Friends. He played Ben, Monica’s multi-millionaire boyfriend. He was an over-achiever, he wanted to do everything. He had created something to do with a chip in credit cards, and decided his life wouldn’t be complete without conquering every area of life, including the physical world, which led him to compete for the title of Ultimate Fighting Champion. He wasn’t exactly successful, but the point is that all-rounder of a character, almost perfectly mirrors the achievements of John Favreau himself in the film industry.

He’s a triple threat. He writes, directs and acts to the highest of calibres. Chef is his latest offering. The film follows a talented chef who starts to become rather limited by the restrictions set by his boss, played by Dustin Hoffman. He leaves his job and sets up a travelling business with the help of Robert Downey Jr’s character (these two are fairly good friends, Favreau directed Iron Man after all!).

It’s a heart warmer of a film, with the food playing just as big a character as the A-listers that make up the cast list. Don’t go and see it if you’re hungry! Watch the trailer below.

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