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by Annie Vischer

Endless Love

Endless Love

On Valentines Day 2014 comes the release of new Endless Love remake starring Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde. The novel adaptation first hit screens in the 80s, starring Brooke Shields who was fresh from a whirlwind of controversy surrounding her underage self in the provocative Calvin Klein jeans campaign that shot her to Hollywood starlet stardom. The film benefited hugely from her notoriety, and its steamy teen storyline did little to quieten the furore surrounding her image.

The film tells the story ¬†of Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde), a beautiful braniac whose eyes are torn away from her books by the strapping David Axelrod, the classic ‘bit of rough’ guy whose criminal past and uncouth background see him the target of Jade’s father’s steely gaze on a number of occasions during their first meetings. David leads Jade into a world of passion and excitement, that sees her torn between living up to the ‘good girl’ image her parents have pre-destined for her, and her love for David.

The film is directed by Shana Feste of Country Strong fame, and the screenplay is co-written by herself and Gossip Girl’s Joshua Safran. The depth of the original 1979 Scott Spencer novel is sure to give the resultant movie enough grit and angst to prevent it from falling into the more saccharin genre of Valentines Day releases, and it will be interesting to see Gabriella Wilde to come to the fore as a leading lady.

Alex Pettyfer isn’t too bad either. Hahem.

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