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If you’ve ever wanted to see around an hour and a half of Tom Hardy, and only Tom Hardy, then this is the film for you. Flying in the face of cinematic tradition, Locke is almost entirely visuals of Ivan Locke in his car. If you have any instinctive preconceptions about this resulting in an un-thrilling, slightly trying film, then think again. The central character Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is a happily married man, with two young sons and an important role as a construction director on a large scale European building project. On the night the film meets him, the consequences of one night more than half a year ago catch up with him. They threaten his family life, his work, and his self-belief. His dilemmas are played out on the road, through a series of phone calls to his loved ones, his not-so-loved ones, colleagues and acquaintances.

It says something for both the quality of the script, direction by Steven Knight, the visual production and Tom Hardy’s performance that the film is so captivating, enthralling and moving. We are taken on a journey through an ordinary man’s personal situation, and the effect his own actions and feelings have on those that surround him.

Locke is released in UK cinemas on 18th April, and is the perfect antidote the predictable rom com and sci-fi story lines that may be drowning out your movie night choices at the moment. Watch the trailer below for a taste of what’s to come.

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