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We don’t need much persuasion to go and see the latest Zac Efron movie. Here at BATD we’ve been pretty loyal to them all, from the pepped up High School Musical trio (yes we said it!) to the sombre Charlie St. Cloud and the gritty The Paperboy in 2012. Luckily for us 2014 brings us not one but TWO new Zac Efron delights and we have the trailer for one of them right here.

In the new comedy Neighbors, Efron stars opposite the continually hilarious Seth Rogan as the leader of a college fraternity that take over a house in the family neighbourhood next to Rogan’s character’s home that he shares with his wife, played by Rose Byrne, and their child.

Whilst the couple initially attempt to impress the fraternity with their ‘down with the kids’ attitude, the parties and inappropriate encounters become too much for the pair, and the two houses begin a war of attrition. Cue party sabotage operations and some impeccably thought out pranks involving well placed car air bags (watch the trailer and all will be explained!)

Neighbors is due for release in the UK on 9th May 2014. Get it in the diaries folks!

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