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BATD ON Apr 08, 2010 AT 6:08 pm

True Blood

As of this summer, we will no longer have to wait a whole week to get a dose of Sookie Stackhouse and Vampire Bill from True Blood. A comic based on the hit TV show will be there for us whenever we need our beloved blood suckers.

WonderCon is a yearly comic conference that was held this past weekend in San Francisco. Each year, it brings us exciting news about our favourite superheroes and comics, and this year was no different. Alan Ball, the show’s creator, announced he has teamed up with IDW Publishing to create a 6 issue mini comic for fans.

Ball worked closely with the publishing company and developed the plot with other writers from the show. He ensures fans that it will be, “a great companion to the series.” It will involve everyone’s favourite characters from the show, but will have different story lines that help explain why they are the way they are.

The comic will be released this July at Comic-Con in San Diego, but pre sale has already begun on

The second season started in February and has gotten us even more addicted to the vampire drama, so we can’t wait until we can relax in the sun and read these comics all summer!

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