Nick Jonas’ West End Debut

BATD ON Jun 23, 2010 AT 12:42 pm

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas makes his West in debut in Les Miserables

The stars aligned on Monday night as two new cast members in Les Miserables made their West End debuts at the Queen’s Theatre.

Pop star Nick Jonas and newcomer Camilla Kerslake joined London’s longest running musical and judging by the audiences’ standing ovation the two gave excellent performances.

Fans of the Jonas Brothers flocked to the theatre to see Nick take the stage, and his entire family, including brothers Kevin and Joe, were in the audience to cheer him on. Monday night was a dream come true for the 17-year-old pop star who had aspired to play Marius since he was 9-years-old.

As a child, Nick had played the role of Gavoroche in the New York production of Les Mis. At a closing party in 2003, the musical’s director Cameron Mackintosh approached Nick and praised his talent. Of their conversation, Mackintosh says,” I told him he was terrific and hoped that one day he would return to play Marius.” They kept in touch over the years, and this summer Nick enthusiastically agreed to a three week run in London.

Nick Jonas and Camilla Kerslake

Nick Jonas and Camilla Kerslake take their bows at the Queen's Theatre

Monday night was also a big night for newcomer Camilla Kerslake who played Cosette. Camilla was just recently signed to Gary Barlow’s new record label after she submitted her demo CD every day for six weeks until Barlow finally listened to the demo. She first learned of her impressive gift when she was fourteen and in detention in the music room after school.

She said: “Our teacher was late arriving so I started messing around on the piano, the title song from The Sound of Music…as I went up the register, the other kids who’d been kept behind were all saying, ‘Wow, that’s so high!’, and just for fun I went higher and higher and it was at that point the teacher walked in. He’d been listening outside and said to me, ‘Do you realise you’ve just sung half an octave higher than the highest note ever written for the human voice?’

Clearly given a powerful gift, it was only a matter of time until this 21-year-old got her big break. She will be appearing in Les Miserables for the month long stint and released her debut album last November.

The audience cheered and gave a standing ovation as Nick and Camilla and took their bows after their great opening night performance. We happened to be in the audience for the duo’s opening night and thought they both performed quite well. Nick seemed a bit nervous, but his voice was strong and he kept up with seasoned stage veterans with remarkable ease. Camilla has a lovely voice, and it’s too bad her character does not sing one of the show’s more famous solo tunes. Though both cast members will be leaving the show in a few weeks, they will return for a special event in October.

Nick and Camilla will both be appearing alongside a huge, star-studded cast in the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert at the o2.

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