Nicki Minaj’s Wiggy-Bago

Mimi ON Jul 24, 2012 AT 3:19 pm

Nicki Minaj


There’s no disputing the fact that the cute and quirky popstrel Nicki Minaj loves a hair change, but rumour has it that her weird and wonderful collection of wigs has now grown so enormous that for this year’s Virgin Media V Festival the singer has requested an entirely separate Winnebago in the festival’s Louder Lounge VIP area for the sole purpose of housing her crowning glories.

Since the V Festival organisers received the request from the States, they have nicknamed the luxurious camper, Nicki’s Wiggy-bago and are even considering creating a bespoke sign for it.

A source for the festival has also revealed that Nicki’s request also extended to the bus being fully equipped with ‘at least 20 wig stands,  10 cans of hairspray, 300 hair pins, 5 combs, spare wig caps and a 360 degree mirror.’

Now we’ve heard of festival glamping, but this seems to be taking it a little far, particularly when you consider our hair festival survival kit contains little more than a TangleTeezer and a can of Batiste dry shampoo (and a mini one at that). But then again, needs must, and with all of her hair prep we’re at least expecting Nicki to put on a seriously hair-raising show. We. Can.t. Wait.

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