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Avoid sending an embarrasing email

Avoid sending an embarrasing email

You may be the one to Google your date before you meet up or to Google the name of a hot guy you just met at a bar, but did you know that Google has settings and features to make your love life even smoother? Here’s a list, provided by Jason Freidenfelds of Google features that may save you from the embarrassment of a lifetime.

The “Undo Send” Mail option - A MUST-HAVE
We’re all guilty of sending an e-mail too hastily whether it’s out of anger or before revision. Thankfully, the people at Google created a way to save you from the embarrassment by enabling the “Undo Send” function in Gmail.

To avoid embarrasment make you “Undo Send” Mail option

To avoid embarrasment make you “Undo Send” Mail option

To use: In Gmail, click on the “Settings” tab in the upper right. From there click the “Labs” tab and scroll until you reach “Undo Send” Click the “Enable” button and then save your changes. You’ll be able to “unsend” your e-mails for about five seconds after they’ve been sent.

The Shared Calendar
You and your man are both busy people and it’s hard to remember what nights he has to work late or when he has office parties with all the activities you are involved in. Google’s solved that for you by creating a shared calendar. Each person can add events to their own calendars and it becomes a part of a shared calendar. But don’t worry girls-you can set specific events to private too.

To use: Go to Google.com/calendar or click on the calendar link on your page when logged on to Gmail. You can also access it under the “More” option on the Google homepage.

Make sure you have your mobile reminder on

Make sure you have your mobile reminder on

The Mobile Reminder
Most of us are glued to our mobiles, especially text messaging. With everything that you’re involved in, why not combine your diary with your mobile? One of the features of the Google Calendar is text message alerts. You can set up that you will receive text messages from a morning wake up alarm to your Mum’s birthday.

To use: When creating a new event in your Google calendar, click on “Edit Event Details” and find the SMS Reminder under “Options.” Before you do that, make sure to verify your mobile number under “Settings”

Keep Private Chats Private
Gmail’s instant messaging service is brilliant. It makes communication fast and easy…and also saves every word you write-even the most intimate things you could sharing with your girls or man. Thankfully, Google came up with a solution for that with chatting “off the record.” If you use the feature, the chat will not logged in account or the account of the other person you are chatting with. Brilliant!

To use: While in the Chat, click on the Options button on the bottom left corner of the screen. Click “Go Off the Record”

“Mail Goggles”
After a few drinks, it may seem wise to send an e-mail to your love interest declaring your undying love or an e-mail calling out your catty friend.  Rereading the e-mail the next morning though may create a lot of embarrassment. Google can help prevent that with the “Mail Goggles” feature. When you enable this feature, you’ll be required to answer some simple math problems before you can type out an e-mail. Genius!

To Use: When logged onto your Gmail account, click on “Settings” in the upper right. From there, click on the “Labs” tab  and scroll down to “Mail Goggles.” Click the enable button and then save the changes. Go back to the “Settings” tab again to edit which times and days that you would like Gmail to check that you want to send that e-mail. The default settings are Friday and Saturday night between 10 pm and 4 am.

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