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by Annie Vischer

Pillion Pals

Pillion Pals

It’s not long ago that my friend and I were discussing the image of a guy on a Vespa. We LOVE Vespas. But guys on Vespas? On a motorbike yes, there’s something about the power of the engine underneath, and the predatory leaning forward position it manoeuvres them into. Then there’s the leathers and the speed factor, but anyway. Bumbling along, straight backed on a 50cc didn’t really seem to have quite the same cache for us. That all changed, however, when we spotted the latest on-set snapshot from the hotly anticipated film ┬áThe Man From U.N.C.L.E, starring Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill.

The pair sported similarly slicked back hair for their roles in the remake of the 1964 television classic. Cavill plays American agent Napoleon Solo, whilst Hammer’s character is Russian agent Illya Kuryakin, both far cries from their Lone Ranger and Man of Steel exploits. And both rode together on a vanilla cream vintage Vespa.

The plot follows CIA agent Napoleon Solo and KGB operative Illy Kuryakin as then join each other on a mission against a criminal organisation that is working with nuclear weapons. Whilst we think that sounds sufficiently action-packed and exciting, we can’t wait to take in the sumptuous 60s outfits and beautiful Italian settings that the film promises, as well, of course, as a few more scenes of two big-screen beaus aboard their classic Italian scooter. Maybe my friend and I will rethink that whole guy on a scooter prejudice after all. Just maybe.

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