Raquel Welch: Beyond the Cleavage

Mimi ON Apr 28, 2011 AT 9:00 am

Raquel Welch

We’ve learnt three new things about sex symbol Raquel Welch today.

Firstly, that her book, ‘Beyond the Cleavage‘ recently came out in paperback. Secondly, that her views on sexuality are actually quite conservative and finally – she’s 70 years old. The name of your surgeon please Ms. Welch, you look fabulous!

In an interview with PopEater, the 60s star had this to share:

You say sex is not the whole enchilada.
Yeah, that’s what I feel. I think sex is held up too much. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep and I turned on the TV and found ‘Peyton Place.’ I’m looking at this thing and of course their comment was that people were too repressed and to an extent yeah you could say that. But out of this apparently horrific repression came Elvis, Marilyn, Jimmy Dean, Marlon Brando. I guess somewhere …

Raquel Welch

Raqel Welch in the iconic 'One Million Years B.C.'

Repression works!
Yeah, maybe. It really doesn’t kill your libido let’s put it that way or kill your sensuality. I think if anything nowadays, everybody has OD’d on porn. I was talking to my trainer this morning and I said I don’t know, do all these girls strip their ZZ bare? I mean they’re all busy waxing everything off.

I think it’s to make them look like little girls.
That and the standard is set by porn because that’s what all the porn stars do. Everyone is steeped in porn. Does every housewife have to look like some apparition? It’s all gotten so superficial. I’m sitting here talking to you with my New Balance sneakers on, work out pants and a sweatshirt and no makeup. I don’t put myself together everyday like that. It’s nonsense and yet that’s what people are holding out for.

Was there a movie where you weren’t pressured to take your clothes off?
I know! Yeah there was a lot of that. I felt like I was born in the wrong time. What about all the heat that used to come off all those black and white films? I never saw Marilyn nude in a film, maybe the last one that nobody saw. I think it was kind of more interesting.

Ever look at the poster from ‘One Million Years B.C.’ and say, ‘Wow look at that girl!’
It does sort of make me smile because of course I don’t feel like her. There was a disconnect between my image and being a single mother with two small toddlers waiting at the bottom of that mountain where I was filming. Here I was at the top of that mountain where I was filming looking like, I don’t know, a primitive female goddess. It was what people were thinking of me and fantasizing and projecting on me. It had nothing to do with reality. I made my piece with Loana [her character] a long time ago. And all the other girls like the girl with the holster under her poncho, they’re not me.

You can buy Raquel’s book here, we think it may be worth a read!

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