Rebecca Ferguson On Her Style

Mimi ON Dec 29, 2010 AT 9:30 am

Rebecca Ferguson on The X Factor

Rebecca Ferguson on The X Factor

We managed to get a few minutes with the X Factor finalist, Rebecca Ferguson, and asked her all about her style, her make up and her favourite Christmas song! Read on to see what she has to say for herself…

We all love your Cavalli dress on Saturday, what has been your favourite outfit so far?
I’ve really loved all the different outfits that I’ve worn so far. One of my favourite’s was the week where I performed ‘Make You Feel My Love’ and wore a dress from Kate Moss’s Topshop collection.

You have such a distinctive style, do you have a say in your h+m-up and clothes for the show?
Yes, I’m really lucky as I always play an active part in deciding what I want to wear each week, but equally I trust the creative team and what they think will work. It’s such a privilege to be wear all these beautiful clothes.
What, if any have been your make up tips you can pass on to us you have learnt backstage?
To be honest, it’s more about learning how to apply makeup to look the best. I think I’ve picked up little tips about shading and things like that.
What is your favourite Xmas song?
I’d probably go for Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ I love Christmas and really can’t wait to be able to spend some time with my family and friends.
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