Remember Me Press Conference

BATD ON Mar 18, 2010 AT 3:08 pm

Remember Me

Robert Pattinson returned to his childhood stomping grounds of London last night for the Remember Me premiere, and we were there to see him in all his glory. The Twilight hunk walked the red carpet where fans, some of which had camped out overnight, screamed endlessly after laying eyes on him, hoping for a wave or an autograph.

Inside at the press conference, Pattinson and costar Emilie de Ravin were fired questions about their newest endeavour, including their relationships with their on-air fathers and how they got their New York accents. Pierce Brosnan plays Pattinson’s father, and he had nothing but great things to say about the former James Bond. Their characters have an interesting relationship with each other, and they were able to work together to really develop how it would turn out. Emilie’s on-screen dad Chris Cooper is from the Bourne trilogy fame. All the actors were able to feed off each other and create chemistry that was apparent throughout the film.

Since Robert has a British accent and Emilie has an Australian accent, they both had to train to sound like Yankees, but they decided not to take it too far. Their voices aren’t typical for the area, but more watered down, so as to not take away from the film. Both have previously been involved in project with huge fan bases, Twilight and Lost, and they feel these will help publicize the movie, but viewers are still destined to like the movie no matter what.The final question of the night asked the stars what their favourite type of biscuit is. Emily is a fan of Chocalate Digestives and Robert’s answer was a HobNob. What a coincidence, we love HobNobs too!Remember Me is a drama about two New York college students who have been through hard times and find comfort in each other. They fall in love, and there is a huge twist at the end that is bound to catch you off guard. Our favourite part of the film, besides watching Robert, is Ruby Jerins, who plays Pattinson’s 11-year-old sister. She is sure to be a rising child star, and she is cute as a button.

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