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BATD ON Nov 25, 2010 AT 1:28 pm

ricky gervais science

Ricky Gervais Live IV: Science

With all of the success Ricky Gervais has had in television (we know you’re still addicted to The Office), books, music and podcasts it’s almost easy to forget that Ricky’s roots go back to stand-up comedy.  His newest DVD, which is available now, reminds us of just that.

Ricky Gervais Live IV – Science is the amazingly funny DVD of his latest stand up tour.  Set on a stage designed to look like Frankenstein’s laboratory, the comedian jokes about subjects as diverse as religion, racism and obesity.  Although the stand up routine barely touches on the subject of science, it’s clear that Ricky has managed to perfect getting laughs down to a science.

Watch a clip of Science (out now) below:

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