Rihanna at the 02

Mimi ON Dec 09, 2011 AT 3:08 pm

Rihanna at the O2 for her LOUD tour

Rihanna at the O2 for her LOUD tour

by Emma Skipper

I was kindly invited to head to the O2 arena last week by Nivea to see Rihanna perform at her LOUD tour… and boy did she put on a show!

Rihanna is the current face of Nivea and they are sponsoring her LOUD tour, hence the connection, and she was set for her next set of nights at the amazing O2 arena in North Greenwich. So, come Thursday 1st December, off I popped to see her show with a friend.

Upon arrival I was reminded just what an amazing venue the 02 arena is. It has restaurants, shops, a cinema and a smaller club room, the Indigo, for smaller gigs and events. We nipped off for a quick bite to eat before heading to our amazing front row seats – they were at the back of the area on the level just above the crowd, so we could see everything!

The  crowd was jammed packed and the energy was electric after her support act, DJ Calvin Harris, finished his incredible set with their collaboration, We Found Love. We waited with baited breathe to see her on stage and as soon as she did, everyone was completely wowed by her – and her new blonde bob!

Rihanna for NIVEA's 100th year campaign

Rihanna for NIVEA's 100th year campaign - when she had red hair...

The show was true to her style and completely flamboyant. There weren’t very many clothes, instead bejewelled bikinis and topless male dancers with occasional appearances from crazy props like a bright pink tank, a moving runway across the stage and four huge dishes or pods that acted as moving screens across the stage. The whole set was very sexy, supported by some seriously ranuchy moves from the signer herself… to the extent that she actually gave a fan a lap dance on stage! She did all our favourite tracks including, Only Girl In The World, Umbrella, Shut Up And Drive and of course she finished on her latest single We Found Love again which was brilliant.

Rihanna performing with one of her guitar soloists

Rihanna performing with one of her guitar soloists

Everyone left buzzing and I can safely say she was worth the wait before the show. We love her new Blonde look as well, very cute. Plus if someone could let me know how she keeps her skin looking so good, I’d really like to know… maybe it’s all the Nivea!

Rihanna is showing at the 02 until December 22nd and I’d definitely recommend heading down to see her. Plus she only has one date set for the UK next year at Wireless, so you might not get the chance to she her live for a while!

To find out more about her and Nivea visit www.nivea.co.uk/Experience/rihanna

To book tickets to her gigs visit www.ticketmaster.co.uk

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