Robbie Is Back

BATD ON Aug 05, 2009 AT 3:34 pm

Robbie Williams is back with 'Bodies'

Robbie Williams is back with 'Bodies'

What with Take That’s epic comeback, we forgot about Robbie Williams. After all those rumours of him re-joining the band (don’t hold your breath Gary and Co,) it seems he has decided to have another crack at his solo career.

Robbie’s new album called ‘Reality Killed the Video Star,’ is out in November with the first release being ‘Bodies’ (out October 12th .) So what can we expect from Rob’s new album?  Well we’re not exactly sure, all we know is it has been mixed by Trevor Horn, other than that, all the info seems to have been kept under lock and key.

What do you think? Are you so over Robbie? Or are you ready to clear up a little iPod space for him?

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