Rumble in The Jingle

Mimi ON Dec 20, 2008 AT 3:56 pm

Hollywood’s a fickle place, this could be your chance to knock Angelina from the limelight. Just think it could be YOU throwing telephones at hotel staff and beating on paparazzi, so get going and who knows what 2009 may bring…

Upload your pictures and take the lead role in this season’s blockbuster release, Rumble in The Jingle 3! Send it to your friends, it will be the best Xmas card ever!

Today might be a movie trailer, tomorrow could be your own trailer on a movie set ! Next thing you know, Angelina will be asking you what tattoo she should get next and Gwyneth will be harassing you for some spare buckwheat pasta and raw dandelion for her macrobiotic diet.

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