SAKI Art Exhibition at Silwex House

Mimi ON Oct 10, 2011 AT 12:11 pm

"Peach Hip Girl" by SAKI

"Peach Hip Girl" by SAKI

If you’re looking to see some cool art, check out the art exhibition by SAKI at Silwex House. Inspired by Japanese porn films of the 1970’s, SAKI has created Tokyo Lady Chatterley, a series of paintings depicting voluptuous, Japanese women in the style of 50’s pin-up girls, who SAKI affectionately calls her “curvy bitches.” Of this style of painting, SAKI states, “I like painting these sexy, curvy women simply because I love these shapes from 50’s pin-up girls, Playboy Playmates and calling cards in public telephone boxes. I am passionate when it comes to drawing women and their body shape.”

SAKI’s sensual paintings aren’t like any other kind of eroticised art, however. The bright and vivid colours the artist has used are showstopping, and the art is more fun and playful than overtly sexual. The women in the paintings are set against brilliant backgrounds, which SAKI has painted on glass frames salvaged from the British Museum. SAKI chose to work on glass because “the colours will stay vivid forever,” and she loves “painting bright colours with bold black lines.”

This talented artist hails from Tokyo, but moved to London two years ago. Before painting on canvas, SAKI was a master at painting faces, working as a makeup artist for seven years in Tokyo, New York, and London. SAKI says that after a while, she became “unsatisfied” with her career so she began painting. But although SAKI’s career may no longer be as a makeup artist, her face-painting skills are still very much present in her artwork. The girls in these paintings wear bright, almost neon-coloured pink lipstick, with hot pink cheeks, and bold, highly pigmented eyeshadows. The look brings liveliness to the paintings, making the women look vibrant and sexy. This exhibition is a must-see, and SAKI’s amazing talent makes her one of the hottest new artists around.

The exhibition lasts until the end of October. For more information, call 070 400 969 196 or email


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