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Mimi ON May 28, 2011 AT 7:08 pm

Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor Wood

Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor Wood

I have just been to a seminar at The Pera Museum, who are hosting part of the Istancool Festival in Istanbul to introduce and debut some of the artists that Michael Stipe has collaborated with for his latest album, Collapse Into Now. He asked an eclectic group of artists to interpret a song each and instead of producing a video for the singles on the album each song has its own individual short film.

The idea behind this, according to Stipe is to try and make an album more relevant in 2011, he says that the concept of an album is lost on this generation of teenagers. The artists he has chosen have given the songs a unique life that the songs on their own could never have. Sam Taylor Wood, who is also friends with Stipe has made one of my favourites of the album to the song Uberlin. The film features her partner and actor, Aaron Johnson dancing down the street in the East End of London around E2.

Shot without permission, so the random stares of passers by are real, it shows Aaron Johnson off on a whole new light to me, damn hot! Sam says she was inspired by the morning ritual they have in their house with their kids, where the whole family just dances to start the day off. She tells us that Aaron often gets into a dance-off with their 4 yr old Jesse, who burst into tears after watching thıs video herself, distraught because she will never be that good…not many of us will ever be!

There are some amazing other videos shot by James Franco, Albert Maysles, who famously shot the documentary Grey Gardens and uses secret, unseen footage of Brando for the song, Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando and I

Watch the Aaron Johnson Uberlin video here, so cool!

REM Uberlin by Sam Taylor Wood

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