School 4 Dads

Mimi ON Aug 28, 2009 AT 1:24 pm

 ‘School 4 Dads’ is a self-help programme for Dads run by a hapless, well-meaning motivational coach called Simon Wallace, who can only be compared to David Brent. Brent as a parent is probably your worst nightmare as a child, imagine actually competing with your own child, because you just know that’s how it would go.

While the essence of his parenting advice does come from the right place, his presentation and teaching methods are eccentric (to say the least) and the points he makes so generic and shallow – full of meaningless motivational speak – as to be rendered unhelpful to almost all and painful but funny to watch. He considers himself a guru. He passionately espouses the obvious (albeit in his own convoluted way), and simplifies the parenting process to the nth degree through to countless gimmicky ‘exercises’, one-liners, acronyms and mnemonics.
For advice on being a dad, visit www.Dads-Space dot com. is developing content for its website to support Dads and families who may be affected by the recession, the aim is to reach fathers who may benefit from parenting support but are too proud or cynical to seek it out.

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