Seinfeld Live at the O2: Review

BATD ON Jun 04, 2011 AT 1:16 am

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has just played his first London date since 1998 at The Palladium, which I had to find a friend to come with me who didn’t want to watch the World Cup Final, on that same night. Well this time I think there was a queue who wanted to come along to the O2, tickets were £100+ and he played to a packed house.


When he arrived on stage, running, he said he was grateful to everyone turning up in a country he hasn’t been to for a long time and proceeded to tell us that we will be talking about how great we felt about ‘going out’ and being at his show. He’s right of course, and the first laughs began…”there are only two ways of rating anything these days, it’s great or it sucks and there is a fine line between them..” You have an ice-cream cone, it drops to the floor, that sucks, that’s great you shrug, see how it goes..

On stage on the dot of 9pm, he’s punctual, polished, the timing is precise, I think he is an absolute comedy genius. His observational style of comedy has inspired so many sitcoms and comedians, but when you listen to Seinfeld flow seamlessly from one topic to another without a gap, pause or a forgotten word you know this is as good as it gets.

He talked a lot about his family, wife and kids, married at the age of 45 twelve years ago he claims, “well of course I had issues, but I enjoyed those issues a lot.” His jokes about how wives are constantly asking you questions, so life feels like nervously appearing in a game show called ‘Are you listening?’ in your own home were really funny. He also reckons golf stands for Go-Out-Leave-Family, as men seek to be anywhere away from married life.

The amount of clever material we heard, I couldn’t help thinking this would make a few great episodes of Seinfeld but we know there’s no hope, his joy now is from playing live. The show finished promptly at 10.30pm, of course and the 90 minutes flew by, we wanted more, so let’s hope he doesn’t take another 12 years to come back, just in case he doesn’t I’m glad I got to see this one and can tell a few new ‘Jerry’ stories to friends who didn’t make it.

Oh and anyone preparing for a big wedding this year, a tip from Jerry, don’t even imagine your friends care, “..nobody wants to go to your wedding!”

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