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BATD ON Apr 21, 2009 AT 12:06 pm



After 4 years, Chris (Danny Mays) returns to where he grew up, it seems at first to attend a party, but his real motive is to catch up with his old buddy, Shifty (Riz Ahmed), who he left behind. Whilst away, Chris has settled into responsible adult life, with a mortgage and a good job, but he is shocked to discover that Shifty has started dealing hard drugs, supplied by the double dealing Glen (Jason Flemyng). Athough happy to see him, Shifty hasn’t fully forgiven Chris for leaving in the first place, and we soon learn that the circumstances under which Chris left are more complicated than they first appear.

They spend the next 24 hours together, with Chris watching Shifty as he deals to a variety of increasingly desperate customers from the community. Over the course of this day they are forced to confront the ghosts from the past that drove Chris away and the desperate and dangerous present that Shifty finds himself in, whilst re-discovering their friendship. Chris is once again given an opportunity to prove his loyalty to Shifty and to save Shifty from himself.

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