Sienna Miller to Play Hitchcock’s Heroine

Mimi ON Jul 16, 2012 AT 5:10 pm

Sienna Miller to play Tippi Hedren

We are thrilled to hear the news that Sienna Miller will be starring in a new BBC2 biopic, but it’s the subject of the film that has us quite intrigued. The actress is set to play Alfred Hitchhock’s muse Tippi Hedren in The Girl, which sheds light on the director’s grisly obsession.

The first stills from the film, which is to be screened in September, depict Sienna as the perfect Hitchcock heroine thanks to those trademark characteristics, from the icy blonde locks to the bright red lips and matching nails. Hedren has already given Sienna her seal of approval after requesting to meet her at her home.

Sienna Miller & Toby Jones vs. the Real Deal

“It was important we met so I could explain my background and what sort of person I am, “ Hedren explained. “I didn’t want her to play me as a victim. Hitchcock put me through hell, pure hell, but I got out. I was an extremely strong young woman.”

Hitchcock’s hellish obsession with Hedren began in 1961 after he saw her in a commercial. He felt she possessed the same characteristics as Grace Kelly, whom he had worked on three films with.

Tippi Hedren in The Birds

Hitchcock dictated Hedren’s career and nearly destroyed it with his obsessive behavior. Hedren described how, after Marnie was filmed, Hitchcock said her career would prosper only if she began sleeping with him.

“He wanted to possess me completely,” Hedren said.”There were so many wonderful films we could have made together but it was all thrown away because of his mindless lust.”

Hedren stayed strong and described herself as a highly moral girl. She resisted his sexual advances regardless of her career.

After Marnie wrapped, Hedren refused to work with Hitchcock again despite the fact she was unable to get out of her contract. Hitchcock ruined her career and would not allow any other directors to work with her.

“I admired Hitch tremendously for his great talent and still do,” Hedren said.

Sienna Miller channels Tippi Hedren

Sienna Miller has her work cut out for her, but from the looks of it, she has already pulled it off well. Do you think Sienna Miller has what it takes to play Hitchcock’s iconic heroine?

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