Trailer: Sleeping Beauty

Mimi ON Sep 26, 2011 AT 2:50 pm

Sleeping Beauty movie poster

Sleeping Beauty movie poster

On October 14th, Aussie screenwriter and novelist, Julia Leigh, will make her directorial debut with the film, Sleeping Beauty.

Although the title of the film may imply that it is a remake of the 1959 Disney movie of the same name, Leigh’s version is nothing like the original. The director was more inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty written by the Brothers Grimm, and therefore has a much darker and more sinister vibe than the PG Disney version.

Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty tells the story of a young university student, played by Emily Browning (Sucker Punch), who enters into a dark, mysterious, and disturbing world as a Sleeping Beauty. Her job is to take a sleeping pill at night so that old men can have erotic experiences with her while she’s asleep. Her role as a Sleeping Beauty soon takes over her life and she begins to question what exactly happens to her when she’s in slumber.

Of the film, director Julia Leigh has said, “I wanted to make a film where the audience responds with ‘Did I really see that?’ and ‘Did I really hear that?’ and ‘Can such a thing really exist?.’ A response of intense wonder rather than shock.” The mysteriousness surrounding this film and the creepy trailer has us weirdly curious to see what it’s all about.

Check out the trailer here:

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