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Chrissy ON May 16, 2012 AT 10:47 am

My name is Mr Love. I have been called Hollywood’s most pampered cat, which is a term that I must protest against. Just because I like rotisserie chicken and avocado a lot more than that gruel they call cat food doesn’t mean I think I’m special – I do think I am special but only because all cats are special and I think all cats deserve deliciousness in their lives.

Mr Love Ready For His Close Up

Yes, it’s true I made them change all the bed linen because I found the thread count unsuitable and the silk not soft enough – something about it wasn’t pure and it didn’t work for me. I have super soft fur, so the least they can offer me is the equivalent. No cat deserves polyester.

They called me Mr Love not because I’m demanding and selfish but because I am loving, always the first to come in for a cuddle, to put my paw on a tear . . . And that is exactly why for my official birthdays, yes I have two, no I am not a queen, I want to spread the Love.

My birthday list below will satisfy not just me but cats less fortunate than myself. A percentage of the fee for every item bought from my list will be given to Cats Protection via this purrfectly stress less organisation called Give As You Live.

If you buy this stuff from shops that are signed for Give As You Live – which is most of the good ones – they automatically donate so you don’t have to. All you have to do is give the love. Give me the Love and I spread the Love ….. Meow!

Give As You Live

To send up your own Give As You Live account and for more information head to www.giveasyoulive.com

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