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Mimi ON May 05, 2011 AT 9:00 am


Darren Criss as Blaine in Glee

We do, of course, have a Glee crush on Darren Criss – who doesn’t?!

Otherwise known as the multi-talented Blaine Anderson from The Warblers – Criss has been groomed for crooning from a very young age. He stood out in ‘A Very Potter Musical’ and ‘A Very Potter Sequel’ (musical-comedies based off the books) and soon found himself with a regular role on Glee.

Born inĀ San Francisco, Criss is a classically trained violinist who began playing at the age of five. He later taught himself guitar, piano, cello, mandolin and drums. He attended Stuart Hall for Boys and then later graduated from Saint Ignatius College Preparatory. In 2009, Criss obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance degree from the University of Michigan.

One of our favourite Warblers, Criss will soon be appearing in American cinemas this October in The Chicago 8. Based on the actual court transcripts of a trial of eight people protesting President Lyndon B. Johnson’s policies for the Vietnam War.

We hope this spells more on screen gigs for Criss as we can’t get enough of him!

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