Star Profile: Dominic Cooper

Mimi ON Aug 08, 2011 AT 4:05 pm

Dominic Cooper
Dominic Cooper

From Greenwich, England comes classically trained Dominic Cooper. He isn’t a newbie – he has been making a name for himself for years (you might recognise him from Mamma Mia). However, there’s more to know about this star and it all began with his classical training at  at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art where he graduated in 2000.

Since his start in 2001 (when his acting career in films began) Dominic Cooper has impressed all kinds of audiences with his major roles.  His first award winning role was playing Dakin in “The History Boys” and Sky from “Mamma Mia” andhe is currently in Captain America: The First Avenger alongside Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans.

Future projects include The Devil’s Double, where he plays the two main leads; a sadistic prince (Saddam Hussein’s son) and his innocent body double and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (released 22nd August 2012) based off the cult hit historical fiction book. And next up he is rumoured to star in Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father, which is currently in pre-production.

The actor is currently rumoured to be single, however he was famously previously dated his Mamma Mia co-star, Amanda Seyfried (who is about to appear alongside Justin Timberlake in In Time).

The Devil's Double

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