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Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning began her acting career by playing the younger version of her older sister Dakota’s characters in both the mini-series, ‘Taken’ and the movie “I Am Sam”. In 2002, at the age of four, Fanning won her first role independent of her sister, in the comedy “Daddy Day Care”.

By the end of 2006, Fanning began to book lead roles. Her first being in “Reservation Road” playing Emma Learner, the grieving daughter of Joaquin Phoenix and Jennifer Connelly. The film deals with the aftermath of a tragic car accident in which Emma’s brother is killed.

Elle Fanning in Sophia Copolla's Somewhere

Elle Fanning in Sophia Copolla's Somewhere

Late in 2008, she had a small part in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” as a younger version of Cate Blanchett’s character (as opposed to Babel where Fanning played her daughter). Mid-year 2007, Fanning filmed “Phoebe in Wonderland” as the title role Phoebe. It is the fantastical tale of a little girl who won’t – or can’t – follow the rules.

Fanning found herself starring in Academy Award-winning screenwriter Sofia Coppola’s new film, “Somewhere”. The plot centres around a “bad-boy” actor who is forced to re-evaluate his life when his daughter, played by Fanning, arrives unexpectedly. The film was released during the 2010 awards season and took out the top prize: The Venice Film Festival Golden Lion.

Her upcoming roles include: “Super 8″, “Twixt Now and Sunrise”, and “We Bought a Zoo”.

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