Open Secrets: Hollywood’s Leading Men

Mimi ON May 31, 2012 AT 10:00 am

What do these guys have in common?

Did you know that a lot of your favourite male Hollywood stars have a very sketchy past? We’re always gossiping about the leading ladies so we’re turning the tables today.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about the violent leanings of Hollywood’s Leading Men:

We’ll start off with the easy ones and move into ‘REALLY?!’ territory…

Mel Gibson: Caught on tape telling his ex that she deserved to be hit (when he allegedly knocked out her two front teeth.

Charlie Sheen: Charlie was always crazy, even before the ‘Winning’ days. In 1990 he ‘accidentally’ shot his girlfriend Kelly Preston in the arm.

Mark Wahlberg: Whilst filming in a Vietnam, Mark beat up a local with a stick(!), he was sentenced to two years in prison but only served 45 days.

Terrence Howard: The ‘Crash’ star was arrested for punching his wife in the face.

Jeremy Irons has some interesting views on children....

Matthew Fox (that guy from Lost): When a bus driver wouldn’t allow him on (for being drunk) he did the only sensible thing and allegedly punched her in the chest and stomach.

Alec Baldwin: Remember those leaked voicemails where he called his daughter a pig? Enough said…

Christian Bale: This guy’s clearly has a screw loose, do you remember his famous rant when a production hand blocked one of his shots on a movie? Other than that, his mother and sister pressed charges against him in London after an alleged fight in a London hotel.

Jeremy Irons: We’re not going to comment on this one, but here’s a snippet from an interview he did with The Telegraph about the ‘hysteria’ over pedophilia ruining parental relationships:

“Parental love is sexual. Children practise on their parents. Girls will flirt outrageously with their fathers because they are practising. But we should know that that is practice. Boys will flirt outrageously with their mothers in a different way…I remember when my son was 12 and he was like a god. He just went through that sort of golden time for about 18 months. I don’t have a daughter but they do the same…It is very difficult because children under 16 are immensely attractive.”


Nicholas Cage: Arrested for drunkenly assaulting his wife.

Sean Penn: Okay this one is Hollywood Legend but people quickly forgot all about it. During his marriage to Madonna he once tied her to a chair and beat her for hours and verbally abused her throughout the relationship. Google it, fascinating reading – unfortunately Madonna didn’t press charges against him as he was already under probation for another assault.

So, which one of these didn’t you know? Can you dish anything that wasn’t on this list?

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