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BATD ON Apr 14, 2010 AT 3:41 pm

Sue Sylvester in 'Vogue'

Glee’s ‘The Power of Madonna’ episode (airing in the states on 20 April) is set to be amazing and the makers of the hit-show are taking it all very seriously. So seriously in fact, that they’ve re-created the ‘Vogue’ video shot-for-shot with none other than Glee meanie, Sue Sylvester.

“I do the ‘Vogue’ video in the Madonna episode, and we replicated everything down to the set pieces, the hair pieces, the wardrobe, the lighting,” Jane Lynch revealed to MTV News earlier this week at the party for the “Glee” spring premiere. “It’s in black and white, and you’re gonna love it. It’s amazing.”

We’ve seen the video and it’s amazing! Mainly because Sue actually looks pretty hot in her Madge outfits.
“Oh, yeah, the cone bra, the Gaultier bra, I wear that in one scene. And it’s the most powerful I’ve ever felt in my life,” she dished. “Well, you know what, I wore the cone bra with the tracksuit, so it worked. It was a win, win.”

But fear not, Sue’s not getting all soppy on us: “She terrorizes everybody, still. She gets inappropriate with a bunch of guys. There’s a lot of sexual blackmail,” she explained. “She does a little singing with Olivia Newton John. She gets put in her place in a very interesting, cruel way by Mr. Will Schuester himself. He gets kind of rough with her, and he really hurts her feelings.”

We literally can’t wait!

See the Madonna video here for a spoiler:

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