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Sunshine On The Leith

Sunshine On Leith

Sunshine On Leith is the latest Brit film to grace our screens, and will be released this week on 4th October. Based on Stephen Greenhorn’s stage musical, the film follows soldiers Davy (George MacKay) and Ally (Kevin Guthrie) when they return home and try to make their way outside of the army. Davy’s sister Liz (Freya Mavor) is also the girlfriend of Ally, and Yvonne (Antonia Thomas) becomes involved romantically with Davy, creating two young couples, both at different stages of their relationships, that the film centres itself around.

Antonia Thomas and Freya Mavor

Antonia Thomas and Freya Mavor

The leading ladies of the film, Antonia Thomas and Freya Mavor bring both charm and freshness to the production. Both have found fame on gritty Channel 4 teen dramas, Thomas on Misfits and Mavor on Skins, the experience of which seems to give them a bit of an edge that livens up their characters and gives the Sunshine on Leith added energy.

The film is based in and amongst the beautiful surroundings of Edinburgh, though both girls desire to reach beyond the city. Whilst Yvonne is preoccupied with thoughts of returning to England, Liz’s dreams look even further afield, to the promise of adventures abroad.

Intertwined throughout the romantic twists and turns of each relationship, is of course the musical element of the film that draws songs from the 80s hit group The Proclaimers, and the universally loved ’500 Miles’ inevitably features with style.

Sunshine on Leith, directed by Dexter Fletcher is a heartwarming tale, full of bounce and charming honesty that will leave you with a smile on your face, and (most likely) a Proclaimers tune in your head. (Side effects include mindless humming – you have been warned!)

Sunshine on Leith will be in cinemas from 4th October.











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