Teenage Paparazzo

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Teenage Paparazzo - Austin Visschedyk and Adrian Grenier

Teenage Paparazzo is the true story of a thirteen year old celebrity photographer, directed by Entourage star Adrian Grenier. Grenier met the young paparazzi on a night on the town and decided to turn the camera round and follow Austin Visschedyk, documenting his world.

The film contains interviews with celebrities such as Matt Damon, Eva Longoria Parker, Alec Baldwin, Paris Hilton, Whoopi Goldberg and Perez Hilton. It also features historians, fans, tabloid writers, publishers, critics and even a famous linguist, Noam Chomsky.

“I’ve grown to learn a lot about the paparazzi, what makes them tick, and I learned about my ability to be exploitative in my own way,” states Grenier when talking about the film. It documents the cultural revolution that is our obsession with celebrities and Grenier is hopeful that Teenage Paparazzo will open our eyes, changing the way we feel about the pictures of the front of the glossies.

Austin is now 16-years-old, wishing to be hired by a magazine or newspaper and have a reputable career in professional photography. What an amazing reference he will have to put on his CV!

This is not Grenier’s first film; you might be surprised to know that other than being the gorgeous leading man in screen roles such as Drive Me Crazy (1999) or in Celebrity (1998) and The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Grenier is an accomplished film maker. His previous film Shot In The Dark, is a documentary that follows him on his quest to find his father. “I can’t afford therapy, so I use film to dissect the subconscious mind and figure out how you relate, and how the world affects me.”

However much I agree that our society is obsessed and needs a slap in the face, it is rather a shock to the system to be learning about our problems facing celebrity culture, from a celebrity.

“This year’s September Issue” – John Esther, themovingpicture.com

Teenage Paparazzo will be showing worldwide soon…

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