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BATD ON Oct 15, 2009 AT 9:00 am

Million Mums Campaign

Million Mums Campaign

Thankfully for us being a mum in the UK isn’t deadly. In many parts of the world minor complications during pregnancy and childbirth can result in a fatality simply because of a poor healthcare system. However the Million Mums Campaign is trying to change all this by urging politicians to improve healthcare in developing countries.

So how can you help? Well, our friends over at MumsRock have teamed up with the Million Mums Campaign to host their very first Tweet-a-thon this Thursday the 15th of October. For one day we’re asking everyone to tweet why they think Mums Rock. The aim is to get a million mums around the globe to tweet together. Patron of the Million Mums Campaign Sarah Brown will also take part and explained, “The Million Mums Campaign will take up all our voices and make sure they are heard far and wide. It will connect people north and south to raise awareness and to advocate for the trained health workers girls and women need so that they, and their babies, have the care they need, before, during and after birth.”

Naomi Campbell who is also a supporter of the charity got tweet ball rolling with: “”My mum rocks because…’She is my whole inspiration, the person I lean on, the person I confide in and I’m truly grateful to her…she is my best friend.’

Go on take 2 minutes out of your day to help save lives and tell the world why your mum rocks.

Don’t forget to tweet @mumsrock because…..on October 15th 2009.Don’t worry if you are not on Twitter you can take part too by emailing
For more information visit

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