The Big C

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The Big C

The Big C

The Big C, starring Academy Award nominee Laura Linney, plays Cathy Jamison – a woman who has been diagnosed with stage four melanoma. She decides she wants to shake up her life, and finds hope in the situation. The shows creator Darlene Hunt didn’t want a negative show about cancer, so this was her plan. The main character, Cathy, tries to find the lighter side of the situation and brings some humour along for the ride.

Cathy is a teacher to some interesting students, a mother to a son she doesn’t have a great relationship with, and a wife to an immature husband. Her obsessive, compulsive personality leads her to realise her need to start doing the things she wouldn’t normally do, and to find this hope in the dark storm of having cancer.

The show has got rave reviews in the States already we’re pretty sure it’ll be down to the amazing cast!

Here is the rest of The Big C cast members.

Oliver Platt and Laura Linney in The Big C

Oliver Platt and Laura Linney in The Big C

Oliver Platt -

Platt plays Paul Jamison, Cathy’s immature jokester husband. Cathy kicks him out of the house, but lets him back in after the exposure of an affair – is it her or is it him? That’s something we’ll have to wait and find out!

John Benjamin Hickey -

He plays Sean Tolkey, a homeless environmentalist, also known as Cathy’s not-so-close brother. She tries to make their relationship stronger, however he starts dating one of her closest friends.

Gabriel Basso -

This young star plays the role of Adam Jamison, a teen-age boy looking for trouble. He is also Cathy and Paul’s son. Cathy tries to become closer with her son, but ends up pushing him farther away until… Well, that would be telling.

Gabriel Basso and Laura Linney in The Big C

Gabriel Basso and Laura Linney in The Big C

Gabourey Sidibe -

Famous for her role in the film Precious, this rising star has moved to TV and plays Andrea Jackson, an obese, mouthy young girl, and one of Cathy’s students. She knows a secret of Cathy’s and also lies about her upbringing A LOT. Cathy takes an interest in her, and offers her something to change her life…

Reid Scott -

Also known as Dr. Todd Maues. He is Cathy’s oncologist and friend. He is very caring and is concerned, which he reluctantly starts doing more and more things for Cathy. Do we smell romance?

Cynthia Nixon -

Aka Miranda from Sex and the City, plays Rebecca, who is also Cathy’s college roommate and long-time friend. Could this be the close friend Sean starts dating? Interesting, we shall see! There may be a giant curveball involved with Rebecca, so look out and be prepared!

Gabourey Sidibe in The Big C

Gabourey Sidibe in The Big C

Nadia Dajani -

Dajani takes the role of Tina, a high school friend to both Cathy and Paul. She’s very youthful in her older age, and doesn’t seem to have changed since her younger years. She definitely keeps up with her high school nickname, a name we will have to wait and find out about!

Phyllis Somerville -

She plays the part of Cathy’s elderly neighbor and friend Marlene. She is the first person to find out about Cathy’s secret of having cancer. The way she finds out is a funny one, which involves her dog needless to say. Marlene also has her own secret that surfaces.

These characters make up this very funny, yet appropriately compassionate television series.

The Big C starts 3rd February of this year on the More4, so get ready!

We hope it’s as good as it sounds! Plus we’ve heard BATD favourite Liam Neeson makes a guest appearance so keep an eye out for the Hollywood heavyweight.

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