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There are all sorts of diets you can chose from. One that we rarely hear about/didn’t even know there was a name for, is the Climatarian diet. This involves swapping meat such as beef and lamb for pork and poultry because they produce the highest emissions.

Climatarian Diet

Climatarian Diet

Biba Hartigan, Climates Network’s founder said: “Food is responsible for 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions and some foods have a far higher impact than others. Beef and lamb have five times the impact of other meats and way more than plant foods. So, simply by switching from beef and lamb to pork and poultry in everyday meals, people can save a massive tonne of emissions. That’s roughly equivalent to cutting the average UK car’s mileage by a half, but much easier to do.”

The diet also recommends eating seasonal fresh food. Not only will this help you save, but you’ll notice the taste is much better. We know what you’re thinking – does this mean cutting beef and lamb completely out of our diets. The answer is no because the whole point of the Clamatarian diet is to be flexible. Try having meat only once or twice in a week, or go for more veggie options and treat yourself on the weekends.

Climatarian week starts 3rd – 9th July so this is your chance to try it out and see how you get on. You can also pledge to take part or host a Climatarian meal by signing up here. #climatarianweek

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