The Day Jennifer Shot Cupid…

BATD ON Apr 01, 2010 AT 9:16 am

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her ex, Jamie Kennedy

Jennifer Love Hewitt has just released her own book, ‘The Day I Shot Cupid’ where she takes the time to share some valuable relationship advice.

Jennifer has spent most of her life in the spotlight; from blockbusters such as I Know What You Did Last Summer to her TV hit Ghost Whisperer, she’s also well known as being the girl in Enrique Iglesias’s video for Hero.

Ironically Jennifer is single; having broken up with ex-boyfriend Jamie Kennedy earlier this month (who actually wrote a chapter in the book).

She said: “It is not brilliant timing; here’s my relationship book and I’m single”.

The Day I Shot Cupid

They met on the set of Ghost Whisperer and supposedly got engaged in July of last year, however Jamie’s representative has always denied it. The break-up was said to be a long time coming and both of the couple state it was mutual. Although rumour has it that Jennifer was actually dumped as she was treating him like a child and he has said he felt like he was loosing his freedom.

In the past Jennifer has been linked to John Mayer (who hasn’t!) and Ross McCall. In this book she is telling her story of her past relationships, instead letting the media speculate.

Jennifer describes herself as a love-aholic, stating that she has been through it all in terms of love and wishes to share what she’s learnt. She is refreshingly honest in pointing out what we girls sometimes don’t want to know; that we do wait by the phone, that we do over-analyse simple texts. She also gives advice on what to do before, during and after a date/relationship. This book is a conventional manual for any single girl.

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