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Mimi ON Jul 07, 2010 AT 12:52 pm

Ashley Greene, Xavier Samuel and Boo Boo Stewart at the Eclipse Press Conference

Ashley Greene, Xavier Samuel and Boo Boo Stewart at the Eclipse Press Conference

But there were also some veterans on hand, as the Cullen clan spoke about how this experience has changed their life. Ashley spoke about how she didn’t think “any of us could have predicted what it would become. Each time we were pleasantly surprised by how passionate the fans are.” Kellan also talked about how much he liked his character, saying, “I love Emmett, and it’s going to be sad when this ends. It’s a blessing to do a sequel.” And Nikki Reed agreed, citing she was “hopeful for the third book to be made into a film so I could justify my character.”

But the big question on all of our minds was how this series has become such a worldwide phenomenon. Alex Meraz quickly explained that “it’s love. There’s elements of fantasy, but at the end of the day it’s grounded in a love story.” The director spoke about how it’s “unapollogetically a true love story, which is rare. To see true love is a nice thing.” As a fan of the book series myself, I can definitely agree that we all want our own Edward Cullen fairy tale romance. Nikki even admitted that she has gotten so wrapped up in the books when reading them that she “ran around set trying to find Rob after New Moon. You get so wrapped up in these books emotionally.”

Ashley insisted that Eclipse was her favorite book to film so far because the “action-packed stunts were exciting, and it was nice to have a lot of interaction with each other.” And these actors are no hollywood divas, as they worked very hard to train to be able to do most of their own stunts. Nikki talked about their gruelling schedule which was “very physically demanding. Every single day we were in fight training and personal training two to three hours per day if we weren’t filming.”

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