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BATD ON Jul 07, 2010 AT 12:44 pm

Alex Meraz and Kellan Lutz at the Eclipse Press Conference

Alex Meraz and Kellan Lutz at the Eclipse Press Conference

With fans camping out days ahead for the premiere, getting tattoos of Twilight quotes and sleeping with Edward Cullen pillows, I decided to ask the star-studded cast what their craziest fan experience was.

Nikki was quick to point out that anyone with abs had a good story, and Kellan laughed in agreement Boo Boo told me that recently a 40-year-old woman came up to him and asked him to make-out with her. At 16 years old, I would be just as creeped out if I were him! But Kellan’s story was the best, saying, “this woman came up to me as I was signing for her and she said ‘I want to take you home’ so I was like yeah, yeah. And next thing I know she pulls out a pair of handcuffs to try and take me home. And then l went to another event and this lady came up and said remember that story you told? And I went yeah, and she pulled out these fuzzy handcuffs and she undid her jacket and had this little nice number on, I was like hey! But it was cute, they’re cute. There’s really no other way to describe it.” He had the whole room laughing, and they all insisted they had many more stories. But hey, after seeing real life Emmett Cullen in front of my eyes, I don’t blame the girl!

Eclipse turned out to be a well-made film with action-packed stunts and plenty of romance, making it appear to be the best one so far out of the series. So, whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob, you’ll definitely want to sink your teeth into this one.

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