The Eclipse Press Conference

Mimi ON Jul 07, 2010 AT 12:54 pm

Nikki Reed, David Slade and Ashley Greene at the Eclipse Press Conference

Nikki Reed, David Slade and Ashley Greene at the Eclipse Press Conference

You could hear the sounds of teenage hearts breaking all over London last week as the Eclipse: Twilight Saga held its premiere in Leicester Square and there was no R-Patz to be found. Nevertheless, twi-hards camped out to see the rest of the Cullen clan including Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed.

Inside the press conference it was a battle of the wolves and the vampires as Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Xavier Samual, Alex Meraz, Boo Boo Stewart and director David Slade were on hand to answer questions about the third installment of the Twilight Saga.

David Slade began with how he came to be director of the film, as each film is given a new director. He was given the script and asked to do the film, and after flying up to Vancouver and meeting with Rob and Kristen, he agreed to do it. Newcomers Xavier Samuel and Boo Boo Stewart also gave us their secrets to joining the phenomenon. Xavier, who plays newborn vampire Riley, is from Australia and sent in his audition tape from Sydney. He flew to Vancouver shortly after to meet David Slade, and after a quick callback in LA, he was offered the part. Boo Boo’s story is a little more interesting, as it was actually a fan that helped him land the part of a lifetime. Being involved with a Disney group, he already had a small fan base, and it was one of them who suggested to Boo Boo that he was perfect for the part. After calling up his agent and requesting to audition, he was actually the last person they saw for the part and he ended up landing the role!

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