The Good Wife: Season 3

Mimi ON Jan 09, 2012 AT 11:09 am

Alan Cumming in The Good Wife

Alan Cumming in The Good Wife

Finally, The Good Wife Season 3 comes to the UK, we are way behind the States here, shame on you More 4 for making us wait so long! Remember the fantastic ending with Alicia and Will getting it on in the lift and checking into a hotel room, what a way to leave us last year?!


This season we see Alicia Florrick more confident, independent, leaving her husband to focus on her career at Lockhart/ Gardner. The brilliant characters played by Michael J Fox, and Alan Cumming are still around and there’s some new guest appearances by Jason Biggs and Jonathan Groff (also still in Glee) to look forward to.

Look at this racy promo for Season 3 and get your Sky Plus set on series link for Thurs night with me.

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