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The Hunt at Glasto

The Hunt at Glasto

By Philip Hunt

After a wild time at Glastonbury 2009 The Hunt is now ready for the full on festival season coming our way. However, walking through mud and sleeping in tents isn’t for everyone. For your delectation I have written down my key list of must-haves for any event.

You only live once so if you’ve never been to a festival, now’s the time.  Glastonbury is my Utopia, it brings out the hippy in me, but no man can live by music alone so here’s what else you should take:

1.  Boots -(not wellies), get some waterproof walking boots, they are comfier and just as durable and if they look boring jazz up the laces.

2. Baby wipes. . . . .  any wipes really and lots of them.

3.  Anti-bacterial hand foam- Quash

4. High factor sun cream

5. Fancy dress- anything goes.

6.  Multivitamins- keep your strength up.

Quash Anti-bacterial Hand Foam

Quash Anti-bacterial Hand Foam

7. Hats- from school boys to cowboys to uber fashion statements; you’ll need one to hide your greasy mullet, and do takee Batiste dry shampoo  My saviour.

8. A blooming good moisturiser- Skinn fatigue rescue was good for me as it gave me a healthy glow that lasted day and night.

9. Poncho- my old faithful Mexican number kept me warm when I could dance no longer.

10.  Heavy duty anti-perspirant- you’ll need it.

11. Long socks- down during the day, and up to your thighs at night. (kinky)

For those with toilet issues there’s a team of professionals that do the festivals. Comfy crappers ( they are the gods of all festivals.

Food is no problem, you can find a plethora of great meals- I had no trouble on my vegan diet as there is everything on offer all day and night.

Batiste Mini Dry Shampoos

Batiste Mini Dry Shampoos

If you’re not a true camper- get a Winnebago- between a group of you they can be cost effective (I can see Mimi going for this option!!)

Glastonbury rocks, I’m sure you’ve all seen the coverage- but other good festivals this summer include:

Isle of Wight
Big Chill
V Festival

All my essentials will work for these, so book your tickets and get packing.

P.s: don’t forget your bank cards, you’ll need them


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