The Lady and the Revamp

BATD ON Mar 18, 2010 AT 6:05 pm

The Lady

Britain’s oldest weekly women’s magazine, The Lady, is the star of its own Channel 4 TV Show tonight; The Lady and the Revamp.

It was once the Grazia of its day, featuring everything a women could want from a glossy; the right hem length for a Sunday Service, advertisements for domestic service and even a cure for baldness. However it’s now only seen as something that you’re slightly batty, upper-class, tweed wearing, distant great grandmother would read and then keep in her loo for a couple of decades.

Well, these preconceptions are in the process of being run out London town after circulation fell dramatically and left the Budworth family, who own the magazine, delving into their own pockets to keep it afloat.

Rachel Johnson - Editor of The Lady

Channel 4’s Cutting Edge series follows the dramatic shake up of the magazine after journalist and novelist, Rachel Johnson (sister of Boris), is taken on board as editor. The series shadows her as she faces one of the toughest jobs in her career as she tries to completely revamp the magazine and turn it into a thoroughly a-la-mode and fashionable women’s glossy once again.

The show casts her in quite a terrifying light as she storms through the establishment, not withholding judgement, critic or opinion. In particular she’s captured gleefully pondering sacking useless staff, then greeting them wholeheartedly a moment later. I have a feeling this may make for some awkward viewing on her part when she watches it back!

Regardless of her methods, this should make for some quality television so would be worth recording if you’re out tonight. It could be the start of something excitingly new for some that is very, very old!

The Lady and the Revamp shows on Channel 4 tonight (Thursday 18th March) at 9.00PM. If you miss it you can catch it on 4 On Demand online.

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