The Material Girl Becomes A Billionaire

BATD ON Mar 27, 2013 AT 11:16 am



Madonna has just reached billionaire status.  It’s somewhat surprising that it has taken this long, because, from the moment she strapped on that conical bra it was pretty much a given!


In 2012 it was reported that she gained the year’s top earnings in the pop industry. Now the busy-bee of a music idol has claimed the title of billionaire.

With yet another successful tour, merchandise sales, perfume and clothing lines, investments in big name brands such as vita coco as well as racking up the royalties from her successful music career that debuted back in 1983 with the launch of her self-titled album, Madonna is quite the stealthy business woman, spreading a little of her spunky self all over the place!

One can’t help but wonder what the chameleon will turn her hand to (and inevitably conquer) next. We can only hope that there will be a single out soon expressing her new-found status. Oh how Material Girl takes on a whole new world of meaning!


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