The Proposal Is Out…

BATD ON Jul 24, 2009 AT 1:31 pm

The Proposal

The Proposal

This week sees the cinema release of The Proposal and if you’re a fan of the ever faithful romcom this is a must see. One of the rare movies that actually made us laugh out loud, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds give stellar performances.  The story revolves around PA Andrew (Reynolds) and his boss from hell, ice maiden Margaret (Bullock), who to avoid deportation to Canada, blackmails Andrew into marrying her. You’ll laugh from start to finish (watch out for Ramone’s lap dance) and lust after Margaret’s wardrobe and of course Ryan Reynolds, yum!

Our DVD release of the week is Marley & Me. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson give a superb performance as heart warming couple John and Jenny Grogan. The two move to Florida after Jenny gets a job on the West Palm Beach newspaper, John then gets his dream job on a rival newspaper. Jenny is keen for a baby, and after John’s friend suggests he get her a puppy all problems appear to be solved. Until they pick up Marley, a lovable Labrador who is possibly the world’s worst dog. Follow Jenny, John and Marley as they go through the ups and downs of family life. A quick warning from us, this one will leave you a little teary eyed, so if you’re on a date steer clear.

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