The Rebound

BATD ON Jul 15, 2010 AT 2:07 pm

The Rebound

Catherine Zeta-Jones takes on a new type-cast for her in her new film The Rebound… The Cougar.

Her character Sandy is on the prowl for someone new after divorcing from her cheating husband, and she finds Aram -¬†played by Justin Bartha -¬†who you may recognize from The Hangover. He’s a coffee shop barista working below her apartment in New York City and looking to get away from his dead end job. Sandy hires Aram to baby-sit her two children while she goes back to work, and, after he spends so much time with the family, the two eventually fall in love. During a fast-paced romance, the two need to stop and decide if they’re both just “on the rebound” or actually in love.

Bartha plays the good guy without being annoyingly nice, and after seeing him in this role, some critics have predicted he may be the next Hugh Grant.

The Rebound is in cinemas on 30th July.

Watch the trailer below:

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