The Romantics Full of Young Talent

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The Romantics

The upcoming film The Romantics is full of young stars, though instead of boasting a bunch of fresh faces, the cast is comprised of a number of ex-child stars. These aren’t just has-beens however, they have all now made a name for themselves as respectable actors.

The film shows seven close friends reunite for the wedding of two of their friends. Along the way, problems arise because the bride and the maid of honor have had a long term rivalry over the groom.

Heading up the cast is Dawson’s Creek alum Katie Holmes. Assuming the role of Joey Potter at age 19, Holmes made a name for herself playing the insecure, angst-y best friend of Dawson. Together they navigated high school, taking on big issues and having endless heart to hearts, which endeared them to teens everywhere. Holmes’s first role however, came the previous year in the film Ice Storm. Regardless, we are glad to see that she is still in the spotlight after all these years.

Holmes’s BFF in the Romantics is Lila, played by True Blood’s Anna Paquin, who got her start at a very young age. With no acting experience at all, she was cast in a supporting role in the 1993 film The Piano. Shocking audiences, she was so good in the film that she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, becoming the second youngest Oscar winner ever at age 11. Since then, Paquin has moved on to teen flicks She’s All That and Almost Famous,  was Rogue in X-Men and is currently playing southern vampire lover Sookie Stackhouse on the TV series True Blood.

Another former teen sensation to be gracing the silver screen in this movie is ex-OC-er Adam Brody. Pioneering the loveable geek character in the form of Seth Cohen, Brody won the hearts of girls worldwide. His acting career began at age 16 when he starred in the MTV show Now What. Though he was such a huge part of teen drama entertainment for so long, he has given it up in pursuit of more adult comedic roles.

Finally is perhaps one of the most established child actors, Elijah Wood. Hitting the big screen at the tender age of eight in Back to the Future II, he made it big when he was 15 in the movie Flipper. He was also one of the main parts in the film Ice Storm, in which Katie Holmes also starred. He has since moved onto bigger and better projects, including a little thing I like to call Lord of the Rings. He has definitely done his part to remain on the radar.

There you have it, four wonderful child actors who have remained relevant. Be sure to watch all four of these talents in the upcoming film The Romantics, alongside other stars Josh Duhamel, Malin Ackerman, Jeremy Strong and Candice Bergen.

The Romantics is in cinemas this year.

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